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Accident Insurance

Insurance protection against accident and material compensation of consequences.
Receive an indemnity if you lose your ability to work due to injury, harm to health, or disability. This is the financial protection for your family against unexpected events related to sudden harm to health.
An insurance policy from UNIQA will preserve your normal way of life in the event of an accident. Keep everything under control in any situation.

Financial protection for the family

For working family members, students, and parents
  • Sum insured from UAH 20,000 to 400,000.
  • Claim payment in case of injury, burns, frostbite, and poisoning
  • Compensation in the event of temporary loss of working ability (trauma) 
  • Indemnity payment in case of disability
  • Material compensation in case of death

Compensation for treatment of a child

For children under 18 years
  • Sum insured from UAH 20,000 to 150,000.
  • Coverage against trauma, burns, frostbite, and poisoning
  • Temporary disability (traumatism)
  • Payment in the case of receiving the status of "disabled child"
  • Material compensation in case of death
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Protection against accident from UNIQA

Temporary loss of ability to work

I'm actively involved in a sport which is associated with injuries. The prompt claim payment from UNIQA, after an accident, helped me quickly restore my health and return to my normal way of life.

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More about accident insurance

Why do I need accident insurance?

According to statistics, about 2.5 million accidents occur in Ukraine every year, which entail injuries, disability, loss of ability to work, and death. Children and adults who lead an active lifestyle are particularly at risk. In winter, cases of fractures, hypothermia, trauma on ice and snow slides, as well as during winter sports, are quite frequent. In the summer, poisoning, accidents near water, bruises, and falls during active recreational activities are widespread.
Therefore, UNIQA Insurance Company gives you the opportunity to protect yourself financially from such issues, and allow your family to lead a normal way of life, regardless of any difficulties.

What is accident insurance?

The concept of "accident" is very capacious. This, in fact, includes any sudden event, which entailed injuries and other harm to health with all ensuing consequences. If such an unexpected health issue impacts adult working family members who are the source of income, this significantly affects the material well-being of all members of such a family. The loss of ability to work, both temporarily and permanently, has a very detrimental effect on our loved ones and us, not to mention a situation such as disability or death.
Accident insurance will not improve our health, but it will significantly help financially. You will not need to think about where to find the money to cover the costs of treatment and provide for the family. Everything will be covered by the insurer.
Childhood trauma is widespread, especially when kids are actively exploring the world and trying everything. Schools, sports classes, playgrounds, water leisure facilities, and parks - are the places where there is an increased likelihood of injury. However, when a child is insured with a reliable insurance company, you are sure that having bought an insurance policy, you will have the financial opportunity to provide your child with timely and efficient treatment.
Voluntary accident insurance provides special advantages for employers. If personnel are insured, the employer can be sure that, if an accident occurs at work, they will receive financial compensation from the insurer, and this will not affect the company's budget.
Travellers can also take advantage of this type of insurance. The program provides an opportunity to get coverage all over the world. And if you are going on a trip - use the opportunity to buy a travel insurance policy online.

Advantages of accident insurance from UNIQA.

Our Company offers its customers only the best insurance terms and conditions. The policyholder can choose the sum insured he needs, which can be up to UAH 400,000. It is also possible to select risks and validity periods. The value of insurance is so affordable that it will not affect your budget in any way. The policy is issued within 5 minutes on the basis of the oral application of the policyholder. You can conclude one policy, or insure a group of 11 or more persons with our Company.

How do I get the claim payment?

If an insured event has occurred, the policyholder must notify the insurer within three days, but it is better to do this immediately so that the indemnity can be paid faster. Then you should submit the claim, the necessary documents, such as a certificate of the event occurrence, reports issued by the health care facility, and other documents necessary in each particular case. Claim payment under this type of insurance is a relatively simple procedure, but you can always consult with the representative of our Company to clarify the details.
Voluntary accident insurance from UNIQA is a simple way to protect yourself and your family from financial losses.

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