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Car Insurance (CASCO)

UNIQA Insurance Company takes care of your peace of mind. We offer you two Motor Own Damage products that provide full insurance coverage for you and your loved ones when travelling by car. 

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For those who care about the future

We have developed a special CASCO insurance program for electric vehicle owners. You receive comprehensive insurance coverage, as well as unique advantages:

  • The battery and charger are protected against all risks, including theft
  • Special prices
  • Сlaims settlement for minor accident or damage without any report issued by the competent authorities

Eco CASCO insurance is designed specifically for electric vehicles. The best option for those who care about the environment.

Terms and conditions


Flexible choice of conditions

We have designed the best CASCO insurance solution for you. Now you can get comprehensive protection for your car without any extra costs. What we offer:

  • CASCO without limitations. Persons with any driving experience and of any age are admitted to driving
  • No restrictions regarding the place of car storage 
  • In case of minor accident or damage - claim payment will be made without the need to submit a report issued by the competent authorities
  • 24/7 information assistance
  • Favourable loyalty program for claim-free drivers 

CASCO Optimal - high level of service, necessary options, and fast claim settlement at an optimal price.

Terms and conditions
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Your protection with CASCO Insurance from UNIQA

Traffic accident
Illegal acts by third party
Natural disasters
Other perils

After registration of a traffic accident, I submitted all documents directly at the car dealership and received a claim payment under Motor Own Damage Insurance within five days. UNIQA appreciates my time and money spent on insurance; I became convinced of this.

Igor Chopey
The average claim settlement period is 7 days
Special conditions for claim free renewal
Austrian Insurance Group
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More about CASCO Insurance

Why do I need CASCO Insurance?

Today, more and more car owners are thinking about reliable insurance protection for their vehicles. Practically everyone has a Compulsory MTPL insurance policy, which covers liability for damage to property or life of a third party, but CASCO Insurance is not as common.

CASCO is a program that includes potential risks for your car, and provides insurance protection against them.

The basic risks are as follows:

  • Theft
  • Total loss (complete destruction of the vehicle) 
  • Damage resulting from a traffic accident
  • Fire, combustion, explosion
  • Natural disaster
  • Illegal acts by a third party

CASCO programs differ in options. There are more affordable options and programs with the maximum coverage. In the course of a conversation, an experienced UNIQA representative will help you select a program that is best suited to you. Having concluded the CASCO policy, you can be sure that in the case of damage to your car, all material costs and organisational issues will be borne by the reliable insurance company.

How to choose a CASCO insurance program?

 Before buying a CASCO policy, you should answer the questions: "What kind of driver am I? What is important for me?" If you are an inexperienced driver, you should focus on programs with favourable and beneficial conditions for minor car damage. Owners of new vehicles should choose programs that include the "Payment of insurance indemnity to an authorised service station" option. And experienced drivers can buy Motor Own Damage, which covers only significant risks without overpaying for your policy.

Conclusion of CASCO insurance policy

The procedure for concluding CASCO insurance is quite simple and will not take much time. You need to have a vehicle registration certificate, driver's license, passport, and identification code with you. It is also necessary to prepare your vehicle for inspection. The representative of the Company will take photos of the car and fill out the inspection report. To avoid disputes when paying insurance indemnity, please carefully consider the drawing up of a vehicle inspection report and specify all existing damages together with our representative at the moment of the policy conclusion.

Actions in case of an insured event occurrence

The first thing that needs to be done is to notify the assistance about the event occurrence by telephones +38 (044) 225 60 00; +38 (066) 170 03 73 (Vodafone); +38 (097) 170 03 73 (Київстар); +38 (093) 170 03 73 (Lifecell). Further, it is enough to just follow the recommendations of the support service representative, who will give exhaustive answers to all your questions.

Additional advantages

Additionally, the owners of CASCO insurance policy from UNIQA have a great possibility to use the "Express settlement" service. This allows our customers to save their time when reporting the insured event and receiving a claim payment. 

UNIQA Insurance Company - taking care of your peace of mind on the road.

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