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About us

Our priority is to continuously improve the lives of our clients through innovative solutions and relevant insurance services.
About the company

UNIQA is part of the UNIQA Insurance Group, one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and all of Central and Eastern Europe. With 22,000 employees serving over 16 million clients in 17 European countries.

We have a long history. Since 1811, Europeans have chosen us as their insurance partner, entrusting us with their most valuable assets: life, health, and property.

Since then and to this day, our two-hundred-year-old and daily mission remains unchanged: we take on risks that individuals, due to various circumstances, cannot bear alone. UNIQA aims to become your reliable partner who will always support you in any life situation.


In Ukraine, UNIQA has been operating since 1994, offering clients all types of modern and reliable insurance. UNIQA is one of the consistent leaders in the Ukrainian insurance market in terms of premium collections, payouts, and assets, paying out approximately 100 million UAH to clients monthly. The company consistently ranks among the top three in segments such as medical insurance, auto insurance, and property insurance.


By choosing UNIQA, you choose a better life.

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The history of UNIQA Ukraine

Throughout its history, UNIQA has received numerous international and national awards for its work.

Among them is the international certificate and the gold medal "Customer’s Friend Superior Excellence" from the International Certification Association ICERTIAS (Switzerland) for exemplary customer relations.

The company is recognized as the best insurance company in Ukraine.

UNIQA strives to play an even more reliable, comfortable, and high-quality role in the lives of its clients. That's why it constantly improves its services, an increasing number of which can be purchased online.


UNIQA was awarded the "Country's Choice" prize in the nomination "Leader of the Insurance Market of Ukraine". The company's results in the "Consumer Preferences" research served as the basis for the award.


Olena Uljee, the Chair of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Insurance Company "UNIQA" and PJSC "Insurance Company "UNIQA Life", was awarded the title of "Professional of the Year 2023.


UNIQA Ukraine received gratitude from the Sergiy Prytula Foundation for its contribution to supporting Ukraine in 2023. UNIQA actively participates in supporting the Armed Forces and providing assistance to the civilian population in the occupied territories.


Randstad Award:  Entering the top five best employers in the financial sector of Ukraine.


ICERTIAS "Customer's Friend": The Gold Medal is awarded for exemplary customer relations and a high level of service, with the status of "Superior Excellence.



"TOP-100. Ratings of the Largest.2020". Economics Publishing House - an annual award ceremony for financial directors and players of the financial market of Ukraine.
The best insurance company in the ranking, based on surveys and assessments of a number of leading experts in the financial market of Ukraine, was UNIQA Insurance Company .


The Chair of the Board of Directors of UNIQA Insurance Company, Olena Uljee, was recognized as a Leader of the financial market of Ukraine.


UNIQA has become the official insurance partner of the 5th anniversary music festival, Atlas Weekend, by providing liability insurance for the event organizer.


ICERTIAS «Customer's Friend»: Gold Medal for Exemplary Customer Relations and High Level of Service, Status «Superior Excellence».



As a result of consumer voting, UNIQA Ukraine won the nationwide E-Commerce Awards in the "Insurance Products" category.

UNIQA introduces a mobile application for medical insurance, allowing clients to easily manage their policy, swiftly access medical assistance, and obtain necessary information anytime, anywhere. This marks an important step in ensuring convenience and accessibility of our services for clients.

Alternative communication channels with clients have been launched into operation, namely: the UNIQAua chatbot on popular messengers - Viber and Telegram.


UNIQA supports the Ukrainian National Team at the Special Olympics World Winter Games. The Special Olympics is the world's largest sports movement for people with intellectual disabilities.


UNIQA supported the concert of the New Era Orchestra and the world-renowned classical music star Joshua Bell. A concert of the New Era Orchestra conducted by conductor and artistic director Tatiana Kalinichenko and world-class classical music superstar and Grammy Award winner Joshua Bell (violin, USA) took place at the National Philharmonic.


UNIQA successfully develops its franchising network of General Agencies. This is an effective tool for insurance business development, allowing to operate under the franchise of one of the largest insurance groups in Europe, reduce own risks, and optimize capital investments.


"Kredo-Сlassiс" Insurance Company demonstrates successful implementation of its development strategy, ensuring the achievement of planned performance indicators and profitability. UNIQA Group acquired a controlling stake in CJSC "Insurance Company Kredo-Сlassiс."


The shareholders of CJSC "Insurance Company "Kredo-Klassik" have changed. The Austrian insurance group UNIQA acquired a package of the shares. Establishment of UNIQA Life Insurance Company.


On February 10, CJSC "Insurance Company "Kredo-Klassik" was established.

Our identity

The essence and foundation of our activity are and remain the utilization of our collective strength to protect individuals.

To play a bigger role in the lives of our clients, we harness the combined power of our community to provide services beyond simple protection. We deepen the connection between insurance and risk, something firmly ingrained in our thinking, aiming to become an inspiring partner and genuine support in the lives of our clients. We promise that with the strength of our community, we will not only provide protection from the consequences of illnesses, injuries, or financial losses, but also contribute to improving health and well-being. Amidst all the instability and challenges of the modern world, UNIQA is a promise of a better life and greater confidence in the future.

Our community comprises more than 16 million people in 17 countries, and our priority is to support and improve the lives of our clients through innovative solutions and relevant services, especially in the areas of health and provision, where our clients truly need them every day. At the same time, we harness the cohesive power of our community for sustainable and responsible societal development, protecting people and the environment.

As employees of our company, we shape the future of UNIQA and bring it to life. We may be diverse in culture, interests, and abilities, but we are united in our work for a better life for both our clients and ourselves. That's why we seek employees who share our commitment to first-class service for our clients, as well as our positive, creative, and responsible attitude towards society and the world. We make UNIQA a place for personal development and growth, for work and dedication that have genuine meaning.

Each of us contributes to strengthening the reputation of UNIQA and sets an example for others through our actions. Therefore, the UNIQA Code of Conduct applies to all employees and is mandatory for all companies within the UNIQA Group.

If you have any questions regarding the Code of Conduct, our compliance team will be happy to assist you. Please, contact us at: compliance@uniqa.ua.

The client comes first
We are steadfastly focused on the needs of our clients.
We take action and learn from our mistakes.
We empower each other to take responsibility.
We keep our promises.
By working together, we go beyond conventional boundaries.
Management Board of UNIQA Ukraine
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Olena Uljee
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At UNIQA, there are many different vacancies, from insurance specialists to IT system experts. Get the opportunity to develop your skills in an atmosphere where responsibility, simplicity, and honesty are the foundation of our success.


With us, you don't just work — you grow. We provide quality learning and self-development opportunities so you can achieve your career goals.


Join us and grow with us!