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Employee insurance helps ensure the health and well-being of staff, which contributes to their loyalty and productivity.
Ensure your team has reliable support and access to quality medical services
Take care of your team during business trips.
Insurance for loss of ability to work due to injury, poisoning, or other events.
Increase the attractiveness of the company as an employer by providing financial support to employees' families in case of unforeseen events.
Advantages in UNIQA
742 million UAH
claims paid in 2023 for life and health in 2023
in the health insurance rating
1,63 billion UAH
insurance payments for life and health in 2023
4.62 out of 5
quality of service
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My health
Ensure timely medical assistance for your employees.
What does the medical insurance contract cover?

Emergency medical assistance

Emergency hospitalization

Outpatient and polyclinic treatment

Specialized diagnostics, consultation with a specialized doctor

Inpatient treatment

Planned and emergency dentistry

What does the cost depend on?

On the class of clinics

On the set of coverage options

On the number of employees

Is there a deductible?

The deductible is not included in standard programs. If desired, the deductible can be included in specific coverage options.

Coverage limit

Up to 300 000 UAH

My life
Attract talented employees who value additional social benefits. Create a positive work environment.
Primary coverage

In the event of death for any reason

Additional coverage


Critical illnesses


Disability of group 1 or 2 as a result of an accident

Death as a result of an accident

Insurance currency

Up to USD 100,000 

Up to UAH 3,500,000

Is there a deductible?

A 90-day waiting period deductible for the "Critical illnesses" risk

Questions and answers
Life Insurance: What You Need to Know

Health and Life insurance is one of the most widespread personal financial protection tools globally. According to recent estimates, 20% to 95% of citizens in Europe utilize it, depending on the country. In Austria, the home country of UNIQA, the life insurance coverage rate exceeds 90% of the population. In Ukraine, life insurance is a voluntary service. You can purchase a policy not only for yourself or your family but also to insure your employees under a corporate program. Each option has its advantages.

The main objective is to build personal capital and create a financial safety net for various life situations. Primarily, this refers to retirement capital, but you can also save for other purposes, such as your children's education or starting your own business. The insurance company accrues investment income on the contributions made, and due to the long accumulation period of 10, 15, or even 30-40 years, this income multiplies according to the rule of compound interest.

Health Insurance allows you to get medical care for sudden illnesses or exacerbations of chronic health problems.

UNIQA organizes the treatment of its clients in partner clinics throughout Ukraine, arranges for an ambulance and a doctor at home, and payment for medications. Such a policy covers most of the costs of medical services and the purchase of medicines prescribed by a doctor. This service is suitable for those who value comfort and quality of treatment.

The insurance covers physical damage of varying degrees of severity sustained as a result of a road accident, natural disaster, unlawful actions of third parties, electric shock, or other sudden events. Damage includes injuries, mutilations, burns, frostbite, poisoning, wounds, and more.

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