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Ensure your team has reliable support and access to quality medical services
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Ensure timely medical assistance for your employees.
What does the medical insurance contract cover?

Emergency medical assistance

Emergency hospitalization

Outpatient and polyclinic treatment

Specialized diagnostics, consultation with a specialized doctor

Inpatient treatment

Planned and emergency dentistry

What does the cost depend on?

On the class of clinics

On the set of coverage options

On the number of employees

Is there a deductible?

The deductible is not included in standard programs. If desired, the deductible can be included in specific coverage options.

Coverage limit

Up to 300 000 UAH

Advantages in UNIQA
for health insurance
374 thousand
Insured across Ukraine
we are with you
4,61 out of 5
quality of service in health insurance
Questions and answers
How does voluntary health insurance (VHI) work?

Health Insurance allows you to get medical care for sudden illnesses or exacerbations of chronic health problems.

UNIQA organizes the treatment of its clients in partner clinics throughout Ukraine, arranges for an ambulance and a doctor at home, and payment for medications. Such a policy covers most of the costs of medical services and the purchase of medicines prescribed by a doctor. This service is suitable for those who value comfort and quality of treatment.

  • A doctor's consultation that has not been approved by UNIQA medical assistance.
  • Visits to a dietitian, plastic surgeon, and some other doctors.
  • Preventive visits.

Voluntary medical insurance for employees is an important investment in the health and well-being of your team. It provides access to quality medical services, contributing to faster recovery and reducing the number of sick days. It also increases employee loyalty and motivation, improving the overall atmosphere in the team. Caring for employees' health is the key to your business's success.

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Do you have any questions?