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You asked, we've done it

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From now on, purchasing MTPL Insurance is more convenient
You can purchase a contract for an electric car or motorcycle, choose deductibles without being tied to insurance program, and also increase the coverage amount as desired.

We have also improved the payment process for your convenience.

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Filling out all the details of your vehicle by entering the license plate number.
We are pleased to announce that we have provided the capability for automatic filling of vehicle details using its license plate number when concluding auto insurance contracts.

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Now you don't need to manually input data anymore.


Mini Casco is available for online purchase
At your convenience, now there is an option to buy it online. The new name of program is "My Casco Drive."

Choose the amount your car will be insured for and the deductible 

Buy insurance for your car from damage in a road accident involving another party in just three clicks.

Provide a proposal
Provide a proposal
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