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Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL) is a reliable way to protect yourself from sudden financial problems in the event of an accident, which was your fault, and to indemnify the claimant. But if you are the one who suffered damage, then the direct settlement service will allow you to receive indemnity from your insurer and avoid many issues.
The policy from UNIQA Insurance Company provides comprehensive protection and full confidence behind the wheel.

Compulsory MTPL

Required by legislation
  • Material protection of your liability, fast indemnification to the claimant
  • The law provides for the following limits: property - up to UAH 160,000; third party life and health - up to UAH 320,000
  • Three options to choose on special terms only when buying on the website
  • The deductible when buying online - UAH 0, UAH 2 000 or UAH 3 200
  • Electronic policy after conclusion is sent immediately to your e-mail
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Voluntary MTPL

Additional protection
  • Additionally to Compulsory MTPL
  • Increase the limit of liability (harm to property) - plus UAH 250, 550 or 950 thousand - choose one of three options and buy online (the price of Compulsory MTPL is not included)
  • Plus UAH 50,000 to cover harm to third party life and health
  • Concierge service
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Direct settlement with UNIQA

receive claim payment from your insurance company
  • If the third party is responsible for the traffic accident - you can receive up to UAH 500,000 to repair your car directly from UNIQA
  • if the damage is up to UAH 80,000 - just complete a European Accident Report 
  • Price - UAH 2,442 for Kyiv, Kyiv region, and cities with a population of 1 million or more; UAH 1,463 for other cities
  • Possibility to pay in 2 instalments

Buy MTPL Other Way Around (with direct claims settlement option) and receive the claim payment from a company you trust without the need to communicate with the person responsible for the traffic accident or his insurance company.

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Protect your liability with UNIQA

Damage to third party property
Harm to third party life and health
Accident in case of motor vehicle collision
Money to repair your car

To be responsible for an accident is always unpleasant, especially if you owe another driver several tens of thousands of hryvnias to repair his car. Only in such situations, can you understand how important it is to buy a policy from a reliable insurance company like UNIQA, which not only pays on time, but also takes care of communication with other participants of the accident.

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More information about Compulsory MTPL

What is Compulsory MTPL?

Motor third party liability insurance is necessary to ensure safe driving. The compulsory MTPL policy allows to significantly protect drivers and their passengers in the event of a traffic accident.
The compulsory MTPL policy of the person responsible for the road accident, covers the costs of repairing the car of the claimant, and compensates the cost of treatment if people are injured. Today, the law has established the following limits of liability: for life and health - up to UAH 320,000, for property - up to UAH 160,000. The calculation of the cost of restoration repairs is carried out following an established procedure, and is generally similar to all insurance companies. The loss estimate may depend on the internal regulations of the company. However, you can always request an independent survey.
As a rule, the limits are not enough to fully repair a damaged car or provide comprehensive health care, especially in Kyiv. For such cases, UNIQA has developed an additional third party liability insurance policy with extended limits. Voluntary motor third party liability insurance policy, and more simply, Voluntary MTPL policy, allows you to extend the coverage limits up to UAH 500,000 so as not worry about your financial safety on the road.

Electronic Policy - what are the benefits over a regular paper Compulsory MTPL policy?

Electronic Policy and paper Compulsory MTPL policy are very much the same. These both forms comply with all requirements of law and protect clients’ responsibility to the same extent.
Advantages of the Electronic Policy:
1. You fill in all data on the site, pay payment and sign a contract - and within 10 minutes the policy is already on your e-mail - no need to go to the office or wait for delivery by courier.
2. Your policy is immediately transferred to a single centralized database of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU), where the Police will see it at check. By this you protect yourself from possible fraud and you can immediately check the legitimacy of your policy at ("Verification of validity").
3. You cannot lose your policy, it "does not burn in the fire, and does not sink in the water" - documents are always on your email.
4. Although you do not need to carry a policy with you, since the policy check will be carried out electronically, we still recommend to print out the contract and keep it in the car.

Advantages of Compulsory MTPL policy from UNIQA

UNIQA has been a leader in the insurance market for many years. We do not entice customers with significant discounts and special offers. We just simply pay out claims quickly and efficiently. Therefore, our efficiency and high service level allow us to maintain the leading position for many years and retain the confidence of our customers.

Direct settlement with UNIQA

Recently, everyone has heard of direct settlement service, which is already available in the insurance market. This means that victims of a traffic accident will be able to apply for a claim payment, not to the insurance company covering the person responsible for the crash, but to their insurer which issued their Compulsory MTPL policy. This provision is valid from December 01, 2016. But there are also "buts" here. The main one is that both parties involved in an accident should have a Compulsory MTPL policy issued by those companies that entered the system of direct settlement. To date this is only 17 companies. In the meantime, only Kyiv actively sells the policies of more than 50 companies. Therefore, not everyone is able to use the direct settlement option.
However, UNIQA takes care of its customers. We offer you the product "Direct settlement from UNIQA", which is valid for all insurance companies, without any restrictions. To receive a direct settlement payment, you just need to call our contact centre and follow the instructions of the representative. In some cases, it is enough simply to fill in the Europrotocol if the amount of damage does not exceed UAH 50,000. The entire period of the claim payment, after the date of submission of the last document, is about 20 days, while under a regular Compulsory MTPL policy in some insurance companies customers can wait for their claim payment for months.

How to take out an insurance policy from UNIQA

Paper Compulsory MTPL can be issued in one of the offices of the Company, and Electronic Policy can be bought online. In the case of purchase on the website, all documents after contract conclusion will be sent to your e-mail. Additional delivery of the contract is not provided.

In addition to Compulsory MTPL

In addition to Compulsory MTPL, we recommend buying an accident insurance policy in case of a traffic accident for the driver of the car, which will allow receiving additional indemnity as a result of disability or death. Unfortunately, the driver responsible for the traffic accident is not covered by the Compulsory MTPL policy.
Also, you can consider options of accident insurance or life insurance.
A comprehensive third party liability insurance policy from UNIQA will protect you from losses as a result of a traffic accident in any circumstances.

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Be aware that the driver responsible for the traffic accident is not covered against an accident by Compulsory MTPL insurance policy. UNIQA offers additional protection against accidents for the driver of the car.

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