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Travel Insurance

Ensure you have medical assistance abroad with travel insurance, so you can travel with confidence.
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Explore the world with confidence: buy travel insurance online quickly and conveniently.
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Active recreation
Extreme sports
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Questions and answers
What sports are included in the "Active Leisure" option?

a) active recreation with an increased level of risk: any amateur speed races; activities related to free falling (except parachuting and jumps from a height of over 15 m); trekking (hiking) up to 2,500 m above sea level; paintball, airsoft, jet skiing;

b) active recreation and amateur sports (without participation in competitions), including: river rafting (rafting, kayaking, on catamarans, etc.) up to class 2; water skiing, wakeboarding; sailing, kiting; jet skiing, ATV riding, motorcycling, scootering, and other land transport off public roads (including safaris); spelunking; hunting; amateur diving (diving without certification with a certified SSI Open Water Instructor or PADI Divemaster, diving with SSI or PADI Scuba Diver certification up to 12 m, with SSI or PADI Open Water Diver certification up to 18 m);

c) engaging in professional and amateur sports (including during competitions and training), namely: swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, golf, bowling, rowing, table tennis, sports aerobics, cheerleading, sports dancing, badminton, biathlon, gorodki, team sports (basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, squash, field hockey, floorball, and others), orienteering, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, archery, trap and target shooting, fencing, figure skating, windsurfing, sailing, parasailing, equestrian sports, acrobatics, trampoline jumping, speed skating, luge, cycling (except downhill, mountain biking, freestyle, etc.), climbing on artificial climbing walls, contact sports (freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, hand-to-hand combat, traditional karate, kickboxing, boxing, judo, sambo, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, etc.), crossfit, football, ultimate frisbee, ice hockey, weightlifting, powerlifting, sports gymnastics, aerial gymnastics, all-around, rugby, and other similar sports.


Usually the contract can only be signed before the trip starts. But now many of us are forced to leave Ukraine, so you can sign a contract if you are abroad.

You will receive the insurance contract in PDF format at the e-mail address you provided when you signed the contract. This is enough to confirm the insurance so you can travel safely.

If you need an original contract with a wet seal (for example, for an embassy), order delivery by Ukrposhta, Nova Poshta or courier (if you are in Kyiv). Delivery can take up to 4 working days from the date of order and is not included in the policy cost.

Important: Refer the embassy in advance to find out the requirements for travel insurance contracts.

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Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions?

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What is covered under COVID-19?

Travel insurance contracts purchased on the website from 08/26/2020 include coverage of risks related to COVID-19 by default:
  • outpatient care for COVID-19 with a limit of EUR 1000;
  • emergency care and hospitalization within the sum insured.
The terms and conditions of coverage are specified in the Contract, for more details, see the UNIQAblog article "Travel in a new way: what you need to know about travel insurance in the context of COVID-19".

Travel insurance: what is it?

This is a contract between a traveler and an insurance company. It states that the company will organize and pay for medical care for the tourist if he or she suddenly has problems during the trip, whether due to illness or accident.
Important: if a trip abroad is associated with scheduled treatment, or if a tourist wants to visit foreign doctors for a preventive examination, the policy will not work. It protects against unexpected health problems when you need emergency, urgent help.

How does travel insurance work?

To provide medical care abroad, the insurer engages a partner - an assistance service. In case of illness or poor health, you just need to call the number of the assistance company - it is indicated in the policy. The tourist will be asked to give the policy number, insurance company and contact details, and asked about the symptoms. After that, they will organize treatment. You will not have to pay for it: the insurance company will cover the costs. The maximum you can spend money on is the deductible - the amount that the insurer does not compensate. It usually does not exceed 50 euros, and UNIQA policies do not have it at all.

How much does the policy cost?

Travel insurance has a very affordable price - it can only be compared to low-cost tickets during the season of hot discounts. First, the price of the policy depends on the duration of the trip. Secondly, it is influenced by the region of travel: a policy for Europe is cheaper than for traveling around the world. And, of course, the tariff will be higher for those who plan outdoor activities, sports and extreme sports. Such tourists need a special program, and it will cost more.

How to get it?

You can take out insurance for traveling abroad right now - online, on the UNIQA website. The insurance terms are described in the electronic contract, and if you have any questions, you should call and ask our experts. You can pay for the policy directly on the website and receive it digitally by e-mail. This is our most popular digital service.

What else does the policy cover?

Medical insurance for traveling abroad is a common service for experienced travelers. However, not everyone knows that a travel policy provides financial protection in case of other travel troubles. For example, you can include the risk of loss and delay of luggage, theft of documents, and even flight cancellation: in such situations, the price of tickets is compensated. Standard insurance can be purchased online, but it is better to order an extended program at the UNIQA office.

When is insurance mandatory?

For short-term trips to the EU and most tourist resorts, a policy is not mandatory - it's just safer. At the same time, health insurance is required for a long-term visa: for example, on long business trips, trips to study or work. This applies not only to the Schengen area - it is better to clarify all the nuances during a visit to the embassy to buy a policy in advance.