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Ensure the financial protection of your assets from risks and dangers with insurance programs.
Take care of protecting your business property and equipment.
Advantages in UNIQA
UAH 3.21 billion
insurance payments for 2023
265 million UAH
Property insurance premiums in 2023
4.62 out of 5
quality of service
30 years
experience in Ukraine
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My Casco business
Repair and restoration of vehicles without hassle, minimizing downtime and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your fleet.
What risks are covered?

Road traffic accident


War risks

Natural disaster

Illegal actions of third parties


Territory of the contract

Ukraine, Europe, Turkey, Georgia

Term of insurance

12 months

My MTPL business
Mandatory insurance for owners of car fleets that provides compensation to those injured in accidents that occurred due to the fault of the fleet's driver.
What does the cost depend on?

On the type of vehicle

On the deductible amount

Оn the place of registration

Does not depend on the vehicle's age


0 UAH – for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and buses

2 000 UAH – for agricultural machinery and other mobile equipment

The size of the payouts

Up to 160,000 UAH for property damage

Up to 320,000 UAH for harm to life and health

Questions and answers
Can an item pledged to a bank be insured?

If the property is subject to a bank lien, it can be insured, with the bank mandatorily being the beneficiary of the insurance policy. Banks typically establish a procedure for accrediting (admitting) insurance companies to insure collateral items. Please verify the availability of accreditation with our specialists.

  • Non-residential office
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial and warehouse property
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Do you have any questions?