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In case of an insured event occurrence, please follow the instructions below.
Be responsible and carefully study the wording and terms of your insurance policy.

Your actions at the scene of an event

Actions to receive insurance claim payment

Calculation of insurance claim amount

Files for filling in and downloading

Express claims settlement from UNIQA

Express settlement

Take advantage of Express settlement service - remote settlement without visiting the office of the Insurance Company in case of minor damages to your car, and get the claim payment within a few hours after the moment of submission of documents using mobile telephone or e-mail.

To do this, please perform the following actions:

  • Call UNIQA contact centre at +38 044 225 60 00, +38 (066) 170 03 73 (Vodafone); +38 (097) 170 03 73 (Київстар); +38 (093) 170 03 73 (Lifecell) (24/7);
  • Act according to the instructions provided by the operator;
  • Take photos of your damaged car according to these instructions, and send the pictures, as well as copies of the passport, TIN, vehicle registration certificate, and driver's license at;
  • Receive an e-mail with information about the calculation of repair costs and amount of claim payment;
  • Send your confirmation of acceptance of the calculated compensation amount;
  • Receive claim payment through Aval-Express money transfer system within two days after you confirm the amount of compensation **. 

You can use Express settlement service*, if:

  • This service is provided by your insurance terms and conditions;
  • The insured event occurred without the participation of any third party;
  • The incident was reported to UNIQA contact centre from the scene of the event;
  • The expected cost of repairs does not exceed UAH 25,000.

* During the analysis of the photos provided and information about the event, the authorised representative of UNIQA reserves the right to direct you to UNIQA settlement office with the purpose of inspecting the damages to your car by an expert of the Company.
** If the cost of repairs according to the calculation of the service station exceeds UAH 25,000, UNIQA pays the required amount, subject to inspection of your car by a representative of the Company before repairs.

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