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House Insurance - photo

House Insurance

Your house, and the movable property in it, are under reliable insurance protection from UNIQA. We offer you three insurance programs that complement each other: Standard, Comfort, and Exclusive. Choose the best protection from UNIQA.



"HOME and everything in IT"
  • Insurance against fire, explosion, and combustion
  • Insurance against damages caused by natural disaster
  • Compensates for flooding and property damage by water
  • The property is insured against theft, robbery, and burglary


"HOME and everything in IT"

In addition to "Standard" coverage

  • Risks of broken glass and vandalism are covered
  • The house itself and the property in the yard are insured against hitting vehicles


"HOME and everything in IT"

In addition to "Comfort" coverage

  • Insurance against All risks of external exposure
  • Insurance against water seepage from aquariums and water mattresses
  • Damage caused by attacking animals, falling old trees or other objects is covered
  • The equipment is insured against electrical risks (short circuit)
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Protecting your house with UNIQA

Falling aircraft
Natural disasters and catastrophes
Theft and vandalism
Damage by water
Broken glass
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More about house insurance

Why is it important to insure your house?

For decades UNIQA Insurance Company has been actively involved in property insurance. We know what insurance policy to offer so that the consumer can feel confident for the safety of both his movable and immovable property, in any situation. Our experts constantly research the market and introduce new options so that you can be confident in the future, and not suffer financially if an insured event occurs.
Modern realities are such that, when buying a reliable insurance policy from a trusted company, you ensure your peace of mind. Systems of protection against theft and burglary, fire safety, and a reliable policy, are mandatory homeowner's necessities today. After all, cases of attempted theft, burglary, or vandalism are widespread phenomena that people face all over the world. In addition, there are cases of flooding and other impacts of destructive force on the house (hail, lightning, or strong wind).
Our property insurance product "Home and everything in it" is a clear example of our care for our customers. This is a comprehensive product that allows you to select the likely perils, and the homeowner himself determines the sum insured.

Advantages and features of "Home and everything in it" product

For those customers who are the happy owners of their own house, UNIQA offers an excellent product that explicitly considers the needs and potential risks of these residential properties. The owner himself, or another policyholder, declares the value of the house and movable property, but if you prefer, you can use the services of an expert - an appraiser of the Insurance Company. In some cases, a list and inventory of property is drawn up and the house, and its decorations, are inspected. This greatly simplifies relations between the parties and protects them from any disputes. In this case, the claim payment will be made much faster and more accurately.
The policy provides an opportunity to receive compensation, including even expenses for cleaning the territory adjacent to the house, and restoring the landscape design. Not to mention the fact that we cover the restoration of documents, necessary rent, and so on.
However, if the owner wants to cover only the most significant risks, and does not want to overpay for additional options, he has the opportunity to choose the package with the minimal coverage. In this case the rate will be lower and the amount of insurance premium in hryvnia, affordable.
Contact the nearest UNIQA office to conclude the policy, and do not forget to buy an insurance policy covering liability to neighbours.

What should I do in case of an insured event occurrence?

First of all, you need to call our 24/7 customer support and report the situation immediately. A representative of the Company will give you recommendations for further actions. You can consult our specialists on any, even the most insignificant issue, to simplify the procedure for collecting documents and submitting them to receive the claim payment. Depending on the type of insured event and its complexity, a list of necessary documents will be drawn up, which you will need to submit. The claim payment will be made within ten days after providing the last document, and decision made by an expert of the Company.
After concluding a property insurance policy with UNIQA - you will acquire financial protection provided by the leading European insurance company.

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