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My beloved house +

Interested in classic home insurance? Submit your application now.

Protection for the full market value, including repairs, furniture, and appliances

Insurance against fire, natural disasters, water damage, theft and electrical risks

Solar and wind installations, as well as landscaping, can be insured

How it works
No certificates required from condominium associations, emergency services, or police for damages Up to 100,000 UAH
We pay for damaged property without depreciation - new for old
No limits on the property category
Online document submission
3 steps - and we will prepare an offer for you
Fill out the application form
Please provide your contact details and house information
Submit the application form
We will contact you shortly
Get a quote
Our manager will answer all your questions and help you finalize the contract
Our recommendations
Compulsory third-party liability insurance with the option to increase the coverage amount.
3200 грн
2000 грн
0 грн
Payout for property damage.
до 160 000 грн
до 410 000 грн
до 710 000 грн
Выплата за вред жизни и здоровью
до 320 000 грн
до 370 000 грн
From 1840 uah
My Casco
Covers the cost of car repairs in case of an accident, theft, natural disaster, or total loss.
Theft or total loss
2,00 %
1,00 %
0,50 %
0,00 %
Deductible for glass parts
2,00 %
1,00 %
0,50 %
0,00 %
Once a year
Twice a year
From 17810 uah
My protection
Choose fast and advantageous online accident insurance to have financial protection in case of injuries.
Contract territоry
The whole world
Insurance amount for an adult
50 000 UAH
100 000 UAH
150 000 UAH
200 000 UAH
300 000 UAH
400 000 UAH
Insurance amount for a child
50 000 UAH
100 000 UAH
150 000 UAH
From 265 uah
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Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions?