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Life Insurance

The world constantly keeps us alert and doesn't let us relax. There are so few guarantees and so many surprises. But having achieved financial stability, a certain level and quality of life, it is so desirable to relax and just live. You want to feel solid ground under your feet. You want to be confident that your children will grow up without knowing hardship. To see the world, make their dreams come true, and to know, that no matter what happens, they will be able to cope with it.

Early departure from life

Care for loved ones

  • Sum insured up to EUR 200,000
  • Additional risks
  • Guaranteed insurance claim payment to people close to you
  • Insurance claim payments in USD, EUR, or UAH (at your choice)
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Additional income

  • Guaranteed rate of return + investment income from placement of insurance reserves
  • Additional risks
  • Guarantee of full insurance claim payment within 30 days to beneficiaries specified by you (family, relatives, and loved ones)
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Savings in favour of the child

The future of your child

  • Guaranteed rate of return + investment income from placement of insurance reserves
  • Guarantee of insurance claim payment directly to your child, not guardians or other persons
  • All advantages and possibilities of life insurance
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Tel.: +380 44 225 60 00, +38067225600


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Protection from UNIQA Life

Early departure from life
Loss of ability to work
Treatment and rehabilitation
Payments under bank loan

Why UNIQA Life?

10 years in Ukraine
Austrian Insurance Group
TOP-3 market leader
More than 1 million customers insured
More than UAH 200 million claims paid per year
15 days claim payout period

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