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Apartment Insurance

Insurance protection of your apartment with UNIQA - calmness and confidence in any situation. Our Company offers you a straightforward and convenient policy, concluding which will save you from additional financial costs for repairs in the event of an insured event occurrence.

Protection of your apartment with UNIQA

Natural disaster
Damage by water

Apartment insurance

One policy covers all necessary risks. Fixed cost of insurance for 1 square meter.

Offer: buy insurance for your apartment online and get 20% discount on liability. More info

  • No preliminary inspection of apartment
  • No inventory of the insured property
  • No proportions at claims settlement
  • No "hidden" clauses and additional fees
  • Two options to choose from when purchasing online

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Arriving home after a day's work, I found a wet ceiling in my apartment and a puddle on the floor, including wallpaper which had fallen off due to the moisture. I was lucky to have bought an apartment + liability insurance policy from UNIQA three months earlier, and therefore, didn't have to demand compensation from the neighbour and spoil my relationship with him. I received the claim payment very quickly, and it was enough for me to eliminate the consequences of flooding.

Dmitry Suhorebsky
Be calm and insure your apartment

More about apartment insurance

Property insurance — what is it?

UNIQA monitors the trends of the Ukrainian insurance market, and always knows what insurance is needed by the modern consumer so that he feels safe and confident in the future. It is not a secret that sudden losses always have a detrimental effect on the well-being of all members of the family. Moreover, when something happens to our home, this is an additional stress which is hard to cope with, even if everything is repairable. Our house is our fortress.
Mortgage insurance is of particular importance. As long as the apartment is pledged to the bank, you should be sure that unforeseen expenses related to damage to the mortgaged home will not fall on your shoulders, and will not entail any material losses.
Residents of apartment buildings have repeatedly faced such problems as flooding caused by neighbours; fires for various reasons, for example, because of poor quality wiring; theft, and similar issues. This is especially dangerous if you keep your jewellery, money, and expensive equipment at home. When you have a policy from a reliable company, and your property is insured, you can calmly cope with the situation and not suffer financially, which significantly reduces stress in the situation that arises when your apartment is damaged.

Advantages of express insurance with UNIQA

We know how little time you have, and how inconvenient it is to read long, complex policy wordings and compile an inventory of each item in the apartment – not forgetting anything - in order for all claims to be paid. Therefore, our experts have designed a suitable policy for you which you can take out quickly and easily in our sales offices, without exhausting applications, calculations, etc. The cost is fixed per square meter and depends on the area of your apartment.
Additionally, the claim is paid without sublimits, proportions, and without taking depreciation into account. In addition to standard perils such as fire, explosion, natural disasters, flooding for various reasons, and robbery, we have included such common risks as "broken glass" and "vandalism" as these are quite common today. In some cases, you can receive the claim payment even without submitting a report issued by the competent authorities, which also facilitates the process of claims settlement.
However, these are not all of our advantages. For our customers, we offer compensation in the event of additional damage during fire extinguishing, and also cover the costs of the replacement of locks and safety systems.
In addition to express apartment insurance policy, we recommend buying a homeowners’ liability insurance policy, and ensure good relations with neighbours, regardless of possible issues with your home.

What should I do in case of an insured event occurrence?

Payment of an insurance claim is made fast and easy. If an insured event has occurred, you just need to call the 24/7 support service of our Company and report the situation. You will be provided with an accurate algorithm of actions and recommendations for collecting the necessary documents to receive the claim payment.

How much does apartment insurance cost?

You might think that such property insurance would be expensive, but not at UNIQA. This is another of our advantages.

For example, you have an apartment in Kyiv with an area of 60 m2.

Sum insured:
UAH 15,000.00 (the average cost of 1 m2) x 60 m2 (area of apartment) = UAH 900,000.

Insurance premium:
annual premium = 60 m2 (area) x UAH 40,5 (payment per 1 m2) = UAH 2,430.

That is about 7 hryvnia per day for your peace of mind.

UNIQA Insurance Company - an affordable and simple way to protect your property from all risks.

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