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Apartment insurance

Your key to confidence. Apartment insurance will help you receive compensation in case of unforeseen circumstances.
My beloved apartment
Buy a contract online. This is your reliable protection against unexpected situations.
Location city
Kyiv and Kyiv region
Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Uzhhorod, Lutsk, Chernivtsi
Another city
Франшиза, грн
3 000 грн
5 000 грн
10 000 грн
Payout for damage to neighbor's property, UAH
100 000 грн
200 000 грн
300 000 грн
Not included
From 1765 uah
Мои любимые соседи
Liability insurance for neighbors helps maintain good relationships and avoid unnecessary problems.

Compensation to neighbors for your unintentional actions

Various liability insurance amounts to choose from

Affordable cost

Advantages in UNIQA
24 million UAH
the volume of payouts for personal property in 2023
we are with you
10 days
Property settlement period
30 years
experience in Ukraine
Consider further
Compulsory third-party liability insurance with the option to increase the coverage amount.
3200 грн
2000 грн
0 грн
Payout for property damage.
до 160 000 грн
до 410 000 грн
до 710 000 грн
Выплата за вред жизни и здоровью
до 320 000 грн
до 370 000 грн
From 1840 uah
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Explore the world with confidence: buy travel insurance online quickly and conveniently.
Coverage amount
30 000 EUR
50 000 EUR
Type of travel
Active recreation
Extreme sports
From 230 uah
My health
Timely access to medical services and support in any situation with our health insurance.

Medical services are provided up to 175,000 UAH

Service in top-tier commercial medical clinics

UNIQA's own medical Assistance operates 24/7

Consultations with specialized doctors

Diagnostics and laboratory services

Questions and answers
How to receive an insurance contract?

You will receive the insurance contract in pdf-format at the e-mail address you provided when you signed the contract.


The list of risks against which UNIQA protects your apartment is as follows:

  • fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • natural disaster;
  • water damage due to failure of water supply, sewerage, heating systems, household appliances connected to them and penetration of water or other liquids from neighboring premises;
  • theft with penetration (including traces of breaking), robbery, burglary;
  • glass breakage.


One year. Select the desired start date of the contract at the time of signing.

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Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions?

Read more about apartment insurance

Apartment insurance: why?

An apartment is an expensive purchase and a valuable asset. Each of us avoids situations where housing can be damaged. We use gas stoves, electricity, and plumbing carefully, but not all force majeure events can be prevented.
For example, in a multi-storey building, neighbors can flood the apartment, and this is not the worst case. Last year alone, Ukraine averaged 262 fires per day. In Kyiv alone, almost 6,000 apartments fall victim to burglary every year.
It is almost impossible to protect yourself from all problems at once, but it is quite possible to compensate for unforeseen losses. You just need to conclude an apartment insurance contract.

What can I insure against?

The most frequent requests are for apartment insurance against flooding and fire. But insurance conditions can be very different. For example, UNIQA offers its customers comprehensive protection against five risks:

  • flooding for various reasons,
  • burglary and robbery,
  • fire, arson and explosion,
  • natural disasters,
  • glass breakage.

Important: there are separate programs for mortgage apartments. Insurance for such housing is a prerequisite for a loan, and the agreement is negotiated with a specific bank.

What will be insured?

Under the standard program from UNIQA, you can insure
  • structural elements of the dwelling - walls, partitions, balconies,
  • interior decoration - wallpaper and other materials
  • technical equipment - internal heating, water supply, sewerage, ventilation systems,
  • furniture, electronics, household appliances,
  • external devices such as air conditioning, satellite TV, video surveillance systems.
Important: the regular program does not allow you to insure personal belongings and valuables. To get such protection, call UNIQA and tell us about your needs. We will find a solution.

How to take out an insurance policy?

UNIQA clients have two options:
  1. call the company or fill out an application on the website. Suitable for those who need additional advice or special insurance conditions,
  2. apply for a policy online. For those who have figured out the features of the service themselves and are ready to use a standard insurance program.

How much does insurance cost?

UNIQA offers a simple calculation. The amount of coverage is calculated according to the area and cost per square meter in the region.