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Increase the attractiveness of the company as an employer by providing financial support to employees' families in case of unforeseen events.
My life
Attract talented employees who value additional social benefits. Create a positive work environment.
Primary coverage

In the event of death for any reason

Additional coverage


Critical illnesses


Disability of group 1 or 2 as a result of an accident

Death as a result of an accident

Insurance currency

Up to USD 100,000 

Up to UAH 3,500,000

Is there a deductible?

A 90-day waiting period deductible for the "Critical illnesses" risk

Advantages in UNIQA
UAH 100 million
payments for 2023
162 thousand
life insurance clients
18 years
experience in Ukraine
satisfied customers
Questions and answers
What benefits does life insurance provide?

A savings policy is usually combined with term life insurance. It provides payouts in case of adverse life circumstances, such as disability due to illness or accident. In the most challenging situations, when a person passes away prematurely, the benefits are received by their loved ones – the beneficiaries specified in the contract. Thus, a life insurance policy is an important financial security tool not only for the insured person but also for their family, children, and anyone else who depends on the person holding the insurance.

There are many important factors, and understanding them on your own can be very challenging. In what currency will the savings be accumulated? What life risks will the policy cover? For what period is it best to sign the contract? And most importantly, which company should you trust with your money and future plans? These fundamental questions are just the beginning, so we recommend seeking answers with UNIQA experts. Leave a request on our website, and we will definitely help you.

  • Survival to a certain term (end of the insurance contract);
  • Accidental death (in this case, the insurance amount doubles);
  • Disability;
  • Death (from any cause).
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