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Take care of your team during business trips.
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Show care for your employees by ensuring their confidence during business trips.
What is included in the program?

Organization of medical assistance and treatment in case of health deterioration

Disability of group 1 or 2 as a result of an accident

Death as a result of an accident

Delay in delivery or loss of baggage by the airline


Deductible 0 EUR

Contract duration

The minimum period is 4 days, and the maximum period is 90 days

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Questions and answers
Travel insurance for going abroad: what is it?

The insurance company will organize and pay for medical assistance for the tourist if they suddenly encounter problems during the trip due to illness or an accident.
Important: if the trip abroad is related to planned treatment, or if the tourist wants to see foreign doctors for a preventive check-up, the policy will not work. It protects against unexpected health issues when emergency, urgent care is needed.

Travel insurance covers COVID-19 related risks and offers:

  • outpatient care in case of COVID-19 with a limit of 1000 euros;
  • emergency assistance and inpatient treatment within the insurance amount.


Yes, up to 4 people can be insured at the same time, and such a policy can be purchased on our website. If insurance is needed for a group of 5 or more people, please leave a request, and our manager will assist you with this matter.

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Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions?