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Insurance for loss of ability to work due to injury, poisoning, or other events.
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What risks are covered?

Payments for injuries and fractures

Payments according to the sick leave due to an accident

Disability of group 1 or 2 as a result of an accident

Death as a result of an accident

What does the cost depend on?

On the number of employees

От территории действия

From the profession, type of occupation of employees

Term of the contract

From 1 month to 1 year with a step of one month

Advantages in UNIQA
742 million UAH
claims paid in 2023 for life and health in 2023
for health insurance
374 thousand
Insured across Ukraine
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Questions and answers
What does accident insurance cover?

The insurance covers physical damage of varying degrees of severity sustained as a result of a road accident, natural disaster, unlawful actions of third parties, electric shock, or other sudden events. Damage includes injuries, mutilations, burns, frostbite, poisoning, wounds, and more.

Accident insurance operates 24/7, anywhere in Ukraine or around the world. Problems can arise during a walk, on the way to work, or on vacation. Injuries often occur during business trips, while engaging in amateur sports – at the gym or during a regular run. The typical policy duration is 1 year.

Important: For employees in certain professions in Ukraine, compulsory social insurance against workplace accidents is in effect. This is provided by the state, so such protection covers only injuries sustained at work. This is why voluntary accident insurance remains relevant for individuals who already have a mandatory policy.

The maximum allowable age is 65 years

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