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My Casco share

A great combination of protection and savings, allowing you to quickly restore your car.

Payment of the second part of the payment only after an insurance case.

Territory of the contract is Ukraine, Europe, Turkey, Georgia

Remote provision of documents in case of an insurance claim

In case of minor accident or damage - claim payment will be made without the need to submit a report issued by the police

Persons with any driving experience and of any age are admitted to driving

How it works
We repair in case of an accident
We pay in case of theft or total destruction
We cover war risks
We pay in case of natural disasters, fire, or illegal actions
Advantages in UNIQA
2nd payment
only after the insured event.
14 days
settlement period Casco
contract arrangement
80 000 UAH
payout without a police report under the European Accident Statement

Deductible in case of an accident caused by the driver of another vehicle, even if the contract specifies a deductible greater than 0%.

Our recommendations
My protection
Choose fast and advantageous online accident insurance to have financial protection in case of injuries.
Contract territоry
The whole world
Insurance amount for an adult
50 000 UAH
100 000 UAH
150 000 UAH
200 000 UAH
300 000 UAH
400 000 UAH
Insurance amount for a child
50 000 UAH
100 000 UAH
150 000 UAH
From 265 uah
Compulsory third-party liability insurance with the option to increase the coverage amount.
3200 грн
2000 грн
0 грн
Payout for property damage.
до 160 000 грн
до 410 000 грн
до 710 000 грн
Выплата за вред жизни и здоровью
до 320 000 грн
до 370 000 грн
From 1840 uah
My travel
Explore the world with confidence: buy travel insurance online quickly and conveniently.
Coverage amount
30 000 EUR
50 000 EUR
Type of travel
Active recreation
Extreme sports
From 230 uah
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Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions?