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Green Card for Vehicles - photo

Green Card for Vehicles

When travelling abroad by car, be sure to take a Green Card Policy with you. It will save you from potential financial expenses if you accidentally cause an accident. The limits of compensation to victims in foreign countries are usually much higher than in Ukraine - take care of your financial security in advance.

Protecting your liability abroad

Damage to third party property
Harm to third party life and health

Green Card

drive your car abroad securely

  • Policy without any deductibles or other limitations
  • Reliable insurance partner - one of the three Green Card leaders in Ukraine


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More about Green card

Why do I need a Green Card Policy?

If you travel abroad by car, Green Card insurance is compulsory for those countries that are members of the Green Card System. Without such a Policy, you will not be allowed to pass through customs control, and you will not be able to cross the border of Ukraine.
The Green Card helps you feel more secure and confident while travelling. If you are the one responsible for a traffic accident abroad, the property damage suffered by the victims will be compensated by the insurance company instead of you, i.e. your motor third party liability will be covered.
However, your car will be protected from damage or theft only if you buy a Car Insurance Policy (CASCO Insurance) which is valid, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

What is the territory of Green Card validity?

Depending on the countries you plan to visit, choose one of two Green Card options:

How much does a Green Card Policy cost?

To calculate the price of Green Card - fill in the request form on our site.

Be prepared to answer three questions: 

  • which countries are you going to visit
  • on which car
  • for what period (from 15 days to 1 year) 

How much will the insurance company pay to the victim under the Green Card insurance?

You will not find the exact amounts of indemnity in the Green Card Policy since these amounts are regulated by the legislation of the country where the traffic accident occurs.

Where and how can I buy a Green Card Policy?

You can buy Green card in two different ways:

  • leave an application on the website - our representative will call you to provide all the necessary information and issue a Policy
  • contact UNIQA sales offices

UNIQA sells Green Card Policies of our trusted partner - Insurance Company "Ukrainian insurance group".

What should I do if a traffic accident happens abroad?

Follow the instructions under the link below.
Important – you should notify Insurance Company "Ukrainian insurance group" about the insured event occurrence within 15 days by phones 0-800-500-201 або 044-503-77-33.

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