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What will my apartment be insured against?

The list of risks against which UNIQA protects your apartment is as follows:

  • fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • natural disaster;
  • water damage due to failure of water supply, sewerage, heating systems, household appliances connected to them and penetration of water or other liquids from neighboring premises;
  • theft with penetration (including traces of breaking), robbery, burglary;
  • glass breakage.


Proof of the presence of movable property at the place of insurance is documents relating to such property: service book, warranty card, payment receipt, invoice, etc. If such documents are not available, the limit is set at UAH 5,000 per movable item, but not more than the cost of a new such object, subject to a certificate from the competent authorities.


One year. Select the desired start date of the contract at the time of signing.

In the event of fire, smoke from fire, gas explosion, damage to neighbors' property from water or other liquids.

We recommend that you first estimate the amount of potential damage you can cause to your neighbors in the event of an unforeseen event, taking into account the condition of their property.

You should also consider the floor on which your apartment is located, the condition and wear of utilities and communication networks, etc.

UNIQA experts advise insuring all personal real estate. This can be an apartment, house, or cottage. The only requirement is that the owner has all the documents proving ownership of the property. You can insure:

  • structural elements,
  • engineering communications,
  • repairs and finishes,
  • furniture and household appliances, carpets, glass, and mirrors.

Everything that is valuable to you and can be damaged.

We offer three options for home insurance:

insurance of an apartment and movable property
insurance of a house, movable property, and solar panels
liability insurance in case of unintentional damage to neighbors' property

Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions?