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My MTPL business pro

Voluntary auto liability insurance extends protection. It covers damages that may exceed the limits set by mandatory auto liability insurance.

Deductibles 0 or 2000 UAH

The contract term is either 6 months or 1 year

Does not depend on the vehicle's age

What kind of transport can be insured
Passenger cars
Passenger cars and their trailers
Trucks and their trailers
Passenger buses
Special vehicles
Agricultural and construction machinery
How it works
We cover damages when the mandatory policy limit is exhausted
Сompensates the medical expenses for the affected individuals
Сompensates the damages to the affected miners.
Support 24/7 in case of an event
Insurance coverage components
Payment limits

Up to 300 000 UAH

Up to 600 000 UAH

Up to 1 000 000 UAH

Up to 1 200 000 UAH or 1 500 000 UAH


0 UAH – for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and buses

2 000 UAH – for agricultural machinery and other mobile equipment

Insurance terms

You can purchase it even if mandatory auto liability insurance was purchased from another company.

It compensates for damage in case the compensation limit under mandatory auto liability insurance is fully exhausted

It is suitable for insuring the liability of agricultural and other mobile equipment

Consider additionally
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What is the amount for which the contract can be signed?

160 000 UAH

250 000 UAH

500 000 UAH



Term of insurance

12 months

My Casco business
Repair and restoration of vehicles without hassle, minimizing downtime and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your fleet.
What risks are covered?

Road traffic accident


War risks

Natural disaster

Illegal actions of third parties


Territory of the contract

Ukraine, Europe, Turkey, Georgia

Term of insurance

12 months

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Do you have any questions?