Liability of the tenant - фото

Liability of the tenant

for the operation of the real estate
Insurance coverage components
Insurance risks

Damage caused by the operation of real and/or movable property

Mistakes, carelessness, inattention, and negligence of employees during the insured activities

The tenant's liability for damage to real estate property

Territory of coverage


Term of the contract

12 months

Advantages in UNIQA
UAH 1.38 billion
insurance amount payments in 2023
contract arrangement
4.62 out of 5
satisfaction with the quality of services
Consider additionally
My beloved business
Allocate funds for unforeseen expenses in your business.
Coverage amount

UAH 500,000

UAH 1,000,000

UAH 2,000,000


Real estate and communications

Equipment and goods

Furniture and renovations

Payment frequency


My MTPL business
Mandatory insurance for owners of car fleets that provides compensation to those injured in accidents that occurred due to the fault of the fleet's driver.
What does the cost depend on?

On the type of vehicle

On the deductible amount

Оn the place of registration

Does not depend on the vehicle's age


0 UAH – for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and buses

2 000 UAH – for agricultural machinery and other mobile equipment

The size of the payouts

Up to 160,000 UAH for property damage

Up to 320,000 UAH for harm to life and health

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