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Green Card for Vehicles

Mandatory liability insurance for driving abroad. Order online.

The cost depends on the type of vehicle and the duration of the trip

The liability amount is determined according to the laws of the country where the accident occurred.

Does not depend on the vehicle's age

The insurance partner "Ukrainian Insurance Group" is among the top three leaders in the Green Card in Ukraine.

How it works
Сompensates the medical expenses for the affected individuals
Сompensates the damages to the affected miners.
Support 24/7 in case of an event
No vehicle inspection required for contract conclusion
3 steps - and we will prepare an offer for you
Fill out the application form
Please provide your contact details and car information
Submit the application form
We will contact you shortly
Get a quote
Our manager will answer all your questions and help you finalize the contract
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Theft or total loss
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Location city
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Франшиза, грн
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Payout for damage to neighbor's property, UAH
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Do you have any questions?