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Future&Protection +

Save and receive partial payments starting from the 5th year of the contract.

Coverage area – worldwide.

The accumulation currency is either Ukrainian UAH or USD

For ages 16 to 60 years

Guaranteed rate of return and additional investment income

How it works
Sum insured up to USD 250,000
Additional accident protection
Protection for survival and death.
First insurance payouts starting from 5th or 10th year since policy issuance
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Our recommendations
My protection
Choose fast and advantageous online accident insurance to have financial protection in case of injuries.
Contract territоry
The whole world
Insurance amount for an adult
50 000 UAH
100 000 UAH
150 000 UAH
200 000 UAH
300 000 UAH
400 000 UAH
Insurance amount for a child
50 000 UAH
100 000 UAH
150 000 UAH
From 265 uah
My Casco +
Protects from currency fluctuations and covers repair costs in case of an accident or total loss.
Theft or total loss
2,00 %
1,00 %
0,50 %
0,00 %
Deductible for glass parts
2,00 %
1,00 %
0,50 %
0,00 %
Once a year
From 19681 uah
Questions and answers
What is savings insurance?

Accumulation life insurance is a type of insurance that combines life protection for the policyholder with the possibility of capital accumulation, providing payouts both in case of death and at the end of the contract term. This type of insurance allows the insured person to save and increase their savings, providing financial support for themselves and their loved ones. These are regular contributions and a lump-sum payment of the accumulated amount after the contract term.

It depends on many factors:

  • Age (the younger, the lower the rate);
  • Gender (women have a lower rate than men);
  • Set of risks and insurance programs (exclusively risk of death, pension, savings, death from any cause, or disability).
  • Survival to a certain term (end of the insurance contract);
  • Accidental death (in this case, the insurance amount doubles);
  • Disability;
  • Death (from any cause).
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