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Payment According to the Diagnosis

In most cases, you know what to do if you or your loved ones are sick with SARS. In simple cases, you do not need the help of an insurance company,- a family doctor, grandmother's jam and hot tea will help you deal with it. But what should you do when a more serious diagnosis is made? When the question is not only about a good doctor, but also about the money needed for treatment? Buy sickness insurance from UNIQA and get coverage against critical cases with payment after the diagnosis is made. You will receive financial assistance for the treatment of diseases that require long-term therapy or surgery, or in the case of diagnosed tumours. Select a program of sickness insurance – one or in any combination, leave a request on the website, and our managers will consult you and issue a policy.

70 Diseases Package

UAH 900*
  • List of 70 diseases (including pneumonia, appendicitis, diabetes, viral hepatitis – a complete list on the link)
  • Sickness payments from UAH 5,000 up to UAH 70,000 depending on the diagnosis
  • It is possible to receive claim payments under several diseases during the policy period
  • However only if diagnosed for the first time, with a time deductible of 10 days (for hepatitis – 6 months)
List of diseases

Critical Illness Package

UAH 1,000*
  • Critical Illness: malignancy, myocardial infarction, stroke, acute renal failure
  • Claim Payment: UAH 100,000
  • Only for a first time diagnosis
  • Time deductible for malignant tumours – 90 days, for other diseases – 10 days
In case of an insured event

Benign Tumours Package

UAH 1,300*
  • Benign Tumours (thyroid, prostate or breast, gastrointestinal tract, full list at the link)
  • Tumours payments from UAH 10,000 up to UAH 70,000 depending on the diagnosis
  • However, only if the diagnosis is made for the first time; the time deductible is 90 days
List of benign tumours
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More About Payment According to the Diagnosis

Why do I need this? From what can this protect me?

The policy includes the most critical and complex illnesses that require long-term, complex treatment or surgery, like benign and malignant tumours, heart attack, stroke, acute renal failure. That is, those cases that are most expensive to treat.
When one of the diagnoses provided by the sickness insurance policy is made, the client will receive from UAH 5,000 to UAH 100,000, which will help to prevent cutting expenses on necessary medication, and ensure an adequate level of treatment.

Why is this different to standard health insurance?

Payment on an established diagnosis protects against really complex diseases, such as pneumonia, diabetes, hepatitis, as well as critical illnesses, such as oncology, which in most cases are excluded from standard health insurance.
At the same time, this program does not insure against such common everyday diseases as SARS, flu or toothache, unlike traditional health insurance.
The second significant difference is that you do not need to call the insurance company, notify about the insured event, agree on the clinic, doctor, time of treatment, or provide receipts or invoices to confirm the cost of treatment. The client independently applies for medical assistance, and in the case of the diagnosis provided by the policy being established – submits a document necessary for claim payment.
The amount of claim payment depends on the diagnosis. It is a fixed amount provided by the policy which does not depend on the actual costs incurred. The client decides how to spend the money received from the insurance company.
Our managers will tell you more about the terms and conditions of sickness insurance. Leave a request on the website.

How much money can I get if something happens?

Let's look at a few examples.
The client bought a 70 Diseases Package for UAH 900, with the sum insured UAH 100,000. During the policy period, the client fell ill twice – first with pneumonia, and then was hospitalized with appendicitis. UNIQA paid UAH 10,000 for the treatment of pneumonia. After submitting documents related to appendicitis, the client received an additional UAH 15,000.
Another client bought a Critical Illness Package for UAH 930. During the policy period he was diagnosed with a malignant tumour for the first time. The client received UAH 100,000 after providing the necessary documents.

How do I get the claim payment?

The procedure is as simple as possible – no receipts, approvals or confirmations: only the officially established confirmed diagnosis and minimum set of documents.
Once the diagnosis stipulated in the insurance policy has been established, a package of documents for payment must be sent by mail to the office of the insurance company.
Documents required for claim payment:

  • Application for claim payment.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Copy of the identification code.
  • A certificate confirming the diagnosis certified by a round seal of the healthcare facility.

After consideration of the case, the amount of claim payment will be transferred to your card account.

What do you need to know about exclusions?

1. Insurance claim payment is made exclusively for those diseases that are expressly provided for in the policy. Other diseases are not covered, even if they are also critical and require surgery.
2. Claim payment is made exclusively for diseases first diagnosed during the period of the policy. If, at the moment of concluding the policy, the person was already ill, for example, with diabetes or had a benign tumour, the claim payment will be denied.
3. The policy provides a Waiting Period (time deductible). In relation to diseases that will be diagnosed during this period, the insurance company does not make any claim payments. The waiting period:

  • Diseases according to the Table of Benefits, myocardial infarction, stroke, acute renal failure – 10 (ten) days;
  • Benign and malignant tumours – 90 (ninety) days;
  • Hepatitis B, C, D – 6 (six) months.

How can I get the policy issued?

To conclude the policy it is necessary to provide personal data of persons who will be insured: full name, date of birth, series, number, date and place of issuance of the passport, address of residence and payment for the insurance policy.
No medical examinations are required for the conclusion of the policy.
Persons over the age of 65, who have already been diagnosed with one of the diseases provided for in the policy at the moment of the policy conclusion, or have been assigned I or II group of disability, are not accepted for insurance.
Leave a request on the website, and we will provide you with more details.

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* The price and amount of claim payments are calculated for a client aged from 19 to 45 years, with the sum insured UAH 100,000.

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