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Third Party Liability Insurance

Stay calm in the event of harm to your neighbour's property due to domestic turmoil. Whatever happened - your liability is under reliable insurance protection from UNIQA.

Let us compensate the property damage caused to your neighbours, by you unintentionally.

Protection of liability with UNIQA

Fire and smoke
Gas explosion
Damage by water

Homeowners' Liability Insurance

Good relations with neighbours

Offer: 20% discount if insured together with the Apartament. More info

  • Claim payment to neighbours in case of losses due to your unintentional actions
  • The policyholder chooses the maximum amount of compensation
  • Fast and easy issuance of policy online
  • Affordable price - three options to choose from

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More about liability insurance

Why insure liability to neighbours?

UNIQA Insurance Company, which today is the leader in the Ukrainian insurance market, is always aware of potential issues and risks the customer faces. We regularly monitor the requests of our policyholders and analyse the problems they face. Homeowner’s liability insurance is an important product that helps to relieve the obligation to recover property losses to those who have suffered from your unintentional actions. The motor third party liability insurance is compulsory in Ukraine, but homeowner’s liability insurance is a voluntary choice.
By the way, you can also buy the Compulsory MTPL policy on the website of our Company in 5 minutes.

Advantages of homeowner’s liability insurance.

Undoubtedly, each of us, at least once, has faced the problem of damaging the property of our neighbours. This can be caused by unclosed faucets, damaged utilities, repair works and, as a result, flooding or explosion of domestic gas, fire, and so on.
Any claimant, as a rule, reacts very painfully in such situations, and it is hard to reach agreement with him. However, when a third party enters the dispute, namely UNIQA reliable insurance company, the problem can be solved in a matter of days, and all participants in an unpleasant situation will be financially protected, and calmly wait for the compensation.
Causing damage to the property of neighbours can essentially spoil relations between people and make living uncomfortable, and sometimes challenging. But if the losses are compensated in full to everyone's satisfaction - the incident will be forgotten, and everyone will find peace and comfort again.

Advantages for tenants and landlords.

Insurance of third party liability to neighbours is of particular importance for tenants and landlords. Often, when renting an apartment, tenants do not want to compensate for the losses they inflicted on their neighbours, therefore, everything rests on the shoulders of the landlord. However, if the landlord does not fulfil his obligation to pay for the damage, this can entail significant issues with further rent. There are also situations where responsible tenants, are forced to compensate with their own funds for causing damage in the case of flooding their neighbours. However, often the causes of such incidents are dilapidated utilities, and the landlord is the one who should be paying the bills, if he did not perform repair works on time. However, when the liability to neighbours is covered - all parties are financially protected from sudden situations and the conflict will be avoided.

What should I do in the case of an insured event occurrence?

If an insured event has occurred, the policyholder must immediately notify the contact centre of UNIQA. To receive the claim payment, you must submit the documents to the Company that are needed in each case. Sometimes a court decision is required, as well as a claim from the third party. The claimant will receive compensation based on the costs of acquiring equivalent property. More detailed information can always be obtained from representatives of our Company.
Also consider our offer of an apartment or house insurance, because it is necessary to cover, not only the liability to a third party, but your personal property also.
Liability insurance from UNIQA is a guarantee of good relations with neighbours, and financial protection against any sudden domestic issue.

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