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In the case of an insured event occurrence, please follow the instructions below

Your actions in case of an insured event occurrence

Application to health care facility or pharmacy

The process for obtaining an insurance claim payment

The decision to pay the insurance claim, or refusal to pay the insurance claim, is made by the Insurance Company within 15 (fifteen) working days after receipt of all documents specified in the insurance policy.

Insurance indemnity to the insured person (legal representative, trustee) is carried out within 10 (ten) working days after the date of decision on payment of the insurance claim (issuance of a claim report) in the form stipulated by the recipient in the claim for insurance indemnity payment:

  • In cash from the cash desk of the Insurance Company
  • To the bank account of the policyholder, the insured person (legal representative, trustee)
  • Via Aval Express system (in any branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval within the territory of Ukraine upon presentation of a passport and tax identification number).

Insurance claim payment can be made to the representative of the insured person acting under a power of attorney, which is issued following the procedure established by the law. If the insured is a legally incompetent person, his legal representatives shall be the beneficiaries of the insurance claim payment.

The insured person’s documents, which must be submitted in any case:

  • Claim for insurance indemnity payment indicating the method of receipt of funds (attached): cash / via Aval-Express system / cashless method (with mandatory indication of the bank, EDRPOU of the bank, MFO of the bank, current (transit) bank account, personal account, and electronic card number)
  • Copy of passport (p. 1, 2 and the page with registration)
  • Copy of tax identification number certificate
  • Copy of insurance (service) card

Additional documents (depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy): 

Outpatient polyclinic services (including diagnostic services, etc.)

Inpatient services (including diagnostic services, etc.)

Provision of medication (self-purchase of medication)

Dental services

Childbirth (payment of benefit after childbirth)

Health and recreational services

Ophthalmology services ("Vision Correction" option, purchase of lenses, glasses, etc.)

You can submit the documents for the insurance claim payment to the Insurance Company personally (including by courier at your expense) or by mail (it is recommended to send a letter with notification) to the address: 01032, Kyiv, 70-A, Saksaganskogo Str., UNIQA Insurance Company (Personal insurance claim settlement department)

If you have any questions regarding the list of documents or the status of the claim, call UNIQA contact centre 0 800 600 600 (toll-free within the territory of Ukraine), or write an e-mail at, indicating:

  • in the subject line - VHI claim, full name, and policy number;
  • in the message - the type of service and reason for the application.

We draw your attention to the fact that the above list of documents may be amended following the terms and conditions of the concluded insurance policy, as well as possible changes in the legislation of Ukraine, regulations, instructions, orders, MOH orders, accounting requirements. Therefore, the insured persons are obliged to provide additional documents in response to the reasonable request of the Insurance Company representative.

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